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We have taken a sucker punch to our collective stomachs.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic is a truly global threat.  It has shut down many things in our lives that we previously have taken for granted.  Work, school, sports, the economy and how we socialize and other aspects of our lives have been impacted in ways we couldn’t have imagined just a couple of weeks ago.  Hundreds of thousands are ill.  Thousands have died.

It feels like we are in the middle of an all out brawl and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

Being a sports guy, I have to say the key is developing a winning game plan.  A game plan to cover your physical and mental health in this unprecedented event.

This cuts through all ages, incomes, races and family situations.  It is also an opportunity to help each other out.  Forget the blame game folks because it is time to truly become a team.   It is time to put on our big boy or big girl pants and hammer away at our invisible foe on all fronts.

Will I miss March Madness, the freedom to go where and when I want, our oldest daughters college graduation (canceled) and the spectre of our youngest daughters high school graduation being canceled as well?  Yes and it hurts like hell.

I will gladly trade it all in for health and future happiness for all of us as we get through this crisis.

I will quote Apollo 8 spacecraft commander Frank Borman on Christmas Eve, 1968 with the live TV broadcast as they circled the Moon on that historic flight.

“And God Bless all of you.  All of you on the good Earth.”


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